Ashtonbee Review

Ashtonbee baby products are our favorite! Ashtonbee has a variety of great baby products. My nine month old has 8 teeth now and these fruit feeder pacifiers are perfect for helping with discomfort during teething. They also make eating safe when first introducing solid foods to babies. We use this fruit feeder daily. Currently, Maizy has been eating strawberry, watermelon, peaches and frozen baby food popsicles out of these fruit feeders. Not only are the fruit feeders great but so are the silicone bibs. These bibs are flexible and adjustable. They help make meal time less messy. They are so easy to clean which is awesome. Both of these products are high quality and easy to use. They are definitely “must haves.”

Another fun and helpful product is their teething toys! They are cute and great to use at home, on the go, during bath time and in the pool. In the photo, Maizy is playing with the fish and ice cream teething toys. She plays with these often because they sooth her gums, sore teeth and they are easy for her to pick up.

Their products are amazing! Also, 5% of their total profits each month goes to Every Mother Counts – a nonprofit organization that’s dedicated to making pregnancy and childbirth safe for mothers

To shop these products, visit their website at 

To visit their Instagram, go to


Thank you for reading 🙂

Love, Kadi

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