Bedtime Routine


I have been wanting to share a little bit about our bedtime routine for Maizy. Since the very beginning of  her life, we decided to create a bedtime routine for her. We began by giving her a bath, putting her down around the same time every night and feeding her right before bed.  We found this to be very helpful for all of us! It worked great for her and helped her get to sleep fairly easy. For the first several months we would put her to sleep then put her down in her bed to continue sleeping.

Maizy’s Pediatrician suggested we begin putting her in her own room at 4 months old but I just wasn’t ready at that point so we decided to wait until she was 6.5 months old before beginning to sleep train her. The sleep training attempts failed a couple times before it worked because I just wasn’t ready. the best advice I can give is wait until YOU are ready and feel that your baby is ready. Once I was ready, it worked out wonderfully. I had a hard time being away from her at night but it truly helps us all sleep better when she is in her own room.

When we decided to have Maizy sleep in her own room, we still stuck to her bedtime routine which usually consists of feeding her a meal, giving her a bath, getting her in her pajamas, reading to her and giving her a bedtime bottle. Some other main things we make sure to do is turn on her sound machine and fan. Unless she is sick, she always falls asleep by herself in her crib and sleeps well through the night. When she doesn’t feel well, I usually rock her to sleep then lay her down.

Overall, we feel that having a bedtime routine has been helpful for all of us. Obviously having a perfect bedtime routine is not realistic but we do the best we can. I feel like having a routine at bedtime has also helped getting ready for bed more enjoyable and even fun most of the time. I plan to blog about our sleep training journey and what worked for us as a family. Stay tuned!

Thank you for reading!

Love, Kadi


  1. I’m working on a bedtime routine as well. I’m not ready for my baby to go in the room by herself yet but hopefully I will be ready soon. Our routine is very similar to yours. The only issue I have now is getting her down at the same time every night. It’s a work in progress.

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  2. My 4 month LO has a routine- 8pm bath, last bottle with a little bit of cereal and he’s KO by 9pm every night. I had to add the white noise to it so now he stays asleep. 9pm-5:45am 👌🏼 It’s awesome! The consistency was difficult and it took some time! Good luck mama!

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