Twistshake Review


Twistshake products are very high quality and easy to clean! They are by far my favorite bottles to use for Maizy. You can also purchase these bottles in many different colors and sizes. The bottles come with little removable snack holders that can also be used to carry formula.  We have really enjoyed using these because of all their different features. They also come with a removable filter that allows you to be able to put fruit in the sippy cups and catches the formula chunks.

These bottles truly make our lives easier! My husband an I both agree that they are our favorite to use. Its obvious that baby girl loves them as well. If you are familiar with using bottles, you probably know how often they have to be cleaned and sanitized! I can assure you that TWISTSHAKE has been the easiest to keep clean! Another amazing thing is the price of the bottles! Very affordable. We truly love them 🙂

Use my code: thebrimhalllife at checkout and save 20% on the entire range of pastel and even the new limited edition pearl collection! With the same code you get 60% off on all neon and neon packages!



Thanks for reading!



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