Birth Story

Birth Story: Maizy Lyn Brimhall

I’ve been meaning to write about Maizy’s birth story for quite some time now. Maizy will be one year old this month. The first year of her life has been the best year of our lives! She is such a light and a blessing.

I had a great pregnancy with Maizy. Yes, it was very hard at times. I had some heart issues which made me feel sick but she was a healthy growing baby and that was all we hoped for! Towards the end of the pregnancy I had hypertension which became a concern so my doctor decided it would be best to induce me at 39 weeks 3 days. We arrived at the hospital around 1:00am on a Monday morning. The induction began at about 2:00am. They started by giving me the pill in my cheeks. That was quite a long process. I believe we had to do a few rounds of that before I began receiving pitocin through an IV. The whole process of dilation was slow and long if you ask me! When the induction began, I was only about 2cm dilated. That day was such a blur! I’m having a hard time remembering the exact order and times but I know by this point (with the pitocin) I began progressing a little bit more. I was having contractions off and on and was not feeling very comfortable. That Monday was extremely long! Aren’t Monday’s already long as it is? 😉 That day I wasn’t progressing as much as we would have hoped so my doctor had me rest for the night and get some sleep.

The next morning he came in bright and early to break my water. Things began progressing more which was exciting. I believe it was around lunch time or so, I still wasn’t quite as far along with dilation as we hoped so I got the balloon inserted and filled with water. That was pretty painful but it worked! Once I dilated to about 4cm or 5cm the balloon fell out. Luckily, things were moving along! I believe I got the epidural when I was about 6cm or so. I was so exhausted from this long induction process and am glad I ended up getting the epidural. Soon, (after a few hours) I was finally at a 10!!! Yay! I started pushing.. that was pretty long as well. I pushed for 3.5 hours. Some of it was practice pushing though. Unfortunately, Maizy’s head was stuck for awhile. I remember feeling so much pressure. It was very uncomfortable but I just kept doing my best to push with every contraction. She was so close to coming so many times! I remember feeling so hot and it was really hard to breath so luckily I had some oxygen given to me during birth. I felt like I couldn’t do it but somehow I did! I saw my doctor grab the metal scissors, that made me nervous! He had to cut a bit but I trusted him.

Finally!!!!!! Our beautiful 8lb 13.5oz baby girl popped out but she did much more than that.. I got a 4th degree tear. (The worst tear you can get) I did have the epidural though so I didn’t feel it as much as I would have without the epidural. I also received a lot of stitches! The moment Maizy came out, all my pain went away and I cried because I loved her so much. I remember looking up at Jason and he was crying too. It was such a special and spiritual moment. I remember saying “I love her, I want her.” She was born Tuesday night at 6:26pm! Having her in my arms was the best feeling I’d ever experienced. What a miracle and a blessing it is to be given the chance to be a mother and a parent with my sweet husband.

The birth was hard! I was in labor for 40 hours. It was tiring and difficult but so incredibly worth it. As hard as it was, it was also very exciting and special. Maizy is an amazing little girl who we adore so much. We are excited to have more children. Parenthood is incredible! ❤

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